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Robert Scott & Sons Ltd


As Europe's leading mop manufacturer, Robert Scott & Sons Ltd is on of the first places for anyone involved in the cleaning and support services market to go to.

Historically it has always been just so.

Founder, Robert Scott, originally worked in the family firm Oldham Universal Sponge Cloth manufactures, set up in 1925 by his father.

It lasted until 1958, when a government scheme to voluntarily liquidate textile manufactures, disposed of it.

Robert Scott refused to let the grass grow and immediately set up his own spin-off enterprise. It was to produce something that would always be in demand: knitting fabric or cleaning cloths.

Helped by the support of his two sons the business continued to flourish - even surviving a major fire in 1965.

The family began adding a range of products to the business and in the early 1970's started producing that corner stone of any cleaning trolley, the trusty mop.

Over its 75-year history, the company - now helmed by Robert Scott's grandsons - has never failed to produce and present products in a fresh and informative manner.

Which is why it is one of the last remaining working mills (approximately 310,000 sq.ft) in Lancashire and can boast to being the largest single employer in the area with a staff of more than 370.

There is much for this family firm to be proud of: It's a champion for the local economy, for the community and for its industry.