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Nilfisk-ALTO Cleaning Machines & Equipment


Phoenix Specialist Cleaning Ltd are a local authorised dealer for Nilfisk-ALTO, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of powered cleaning equipment.

With over 20 years experience in the cleaning industry, we offer a wide range of industrial vacuums and industrial power washers available from stock, along with access to the full range of Nilfisk-ALTO products including sweepers, scrubber dryers, health & safety vacuums, upholstery cleaners.

With Nilfisk-ALTO factory trained service engineers, field sales support team and knowledgeable sales staff, you can really clean up with confidence at Phoenix Specialist Cleaning Ltd!

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The Nilfisk-ALTO brand is owned by Nilfisk-Advance A/S which is one of the leading professional cleaning equipment companies in the world with a turnover of €780 million and 5000 employees. Our headquarters are in Denmark and we have sales companies in all main European countries,North America and Asia. Our manufacturing facilities are in Hungary, China, Italy, USA, Singapore, Denmark and Germany.

We supply quality high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and floor care equipment to agriculture, automotive and industrial companies, cleaning contractors and private consumers.

With the Nilfisk-ALTO brand we focus on innovation and growth. We believe in developing and maintaining long lasting relationships with our customers.

XtremeClean – Automatic filter cleaning system

Nilfisk-ALTO offers an impressive filter cleaning system called XtremeClean. Extremely efficient and completely automatic. The best filter cleaning system that the market has ever seen. All you have to do is start the vacuum. The filter is immediately cleaned automatically, every 30 seconds while you work. So there is no need to interrupt your work to clean your filter. You concentrate on your task, and XtremeClean will take care of the filter cleaning.

Powerful air pulses clean the filter gently and keeps suction performance constantly high – XtremeClean filter cleaning technology. Advanced technology delivers automatic filter cleaning while you work with full vacuum performance. This first generation of XtremeClean technology is based on a valve controlled solution, using reversed air flow to clean the one half of the filter cartridge – while you still work with the other half of the filter cartridge. The valve allows the surrounding air to enter into the container, passing through the filter in the opposite direction. The dirt is blasted off the filter and the suction performance is always high.

High level of filter filtration due to servo motor controlled Y-FLAP – Fully automatic XtremeClean technology.

The improved XtremeClean technology, used on the ATTIX 9 range, is a fully automatic filter cleaning system based on a servo motor controlled Y-FLAP, where the filter has the full surface available constantly during operation. This ensures an even longer lifetime, high efficiency and prevents power loss through restricted airflow – without interruptions. The perfect match for the powerful two motor performance machine.

Optimal container volume and automatic filter cleaning with nano technology – XtremeClean is setting new standards. Compactness and high performance are key features in the most recent generation of the XtremeClean system, used on the ATTIX 30, 40 and 50 range. With the ambition of setting new standards within automatic filter cleaning, the two curved flat filters with nano technology maximise the container volume and improve the efficiency even more. A servo motor controlled Y-FLAP ensures precise reversed air flow and prevents power loss during operation.61

Push&Clean – Semi-automatic filter cleaning system

If you are working with fine dust, you will be familiar with the dreaded task of cleaning clogged filter cartridges to restore normal suction performance. With Push&Clean, all you have to do to clean the filter, is block the inlet fitting or the hose, and push and release the filter cleaning button, then powerful air pulses will clean the filter gently, and you can continue working in no time.

Constant high suction performance – Push&Clean technology for fast and simple filter cleaning. The Push&Clean technology allows a fast and simple cleaning of the filter cartridge. When you block the fitting for the air inlet or the hose and push the filter cleaning button, the surrounding air enters into the container, passing through the filter cartridge in the opposite direction. The dirt is blasted off the filter and the suction performance is high again. A comfortable and powerful yet gentle way of cleaning the filter.     


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