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LTT Leather Care



Leather represents a large percentage of furniture sold today.  Consumers have quickly realised the benefits of leather.  It is more durable than fabric so it lasts longer.  Leather adjusts to body temperature making it very comfortable to sit on.  Leather production these days is very sophisticated which enables manufacturers to create many looks to suit a wide variety of homes and styles.  Leather is now more affordable and there are suites to suit all pockets.  Leather can be cleaned and cared for, and when done properly, maintains a high level of appearance throughout its life.

Most consumers are forced to find out their own information on cleaning and care products as retailers generally give little or no maintenance instructions with their furniture.  What information is given is often incorrect and misleading. ‘Low maintenance’ is often interpreted as ‘no maintenance’ This can cause great problems for the consumer as the products available on the market are often not well tested or backed up with clear product advice.

LTT Leathercare is the domestic and auto services branch of LTT Ltd.
LTT Ltd (Leather Training & Technical Dept Ltd.) is the largest leather training provider to the furniture and cleaning industries in the UK.
LTT was original formed to service the needs of the furniture industry by providing better trained service technicians to cope with the massive increase in the percentage of leather furniture on sale towards the end of the ‘90s.

LTT Leathercare products are fully supported by LTT who as a Specialist training provider are committed to provide the most effective leather cleaning and restoration products available. All our products are manufactured to comply with the latest European REACH legislation ensuring the safety and quality of all ingredients used.
All products are rigorously tested before leaving the factory and are used on a daily basis by service technicians throughout the world.