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 Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products & Services

Environmentally friendly cleaning products & services

Phoenix Specialist Cleaning Ltd care about the environment and have our own dedicated environmentally conscious supplies company. Our products are sourced  from approved manufacturers who share this view. We always recycle when able and continually research the greenest methods of providing our Service. 

As a company who offer more environmentally friendly cleaning solutions Bio-Productions are frequently asked for help when selecting greener cleaning agents for various cleaning and maintenance tasks.

So; what constitutes ‘environmentally friendly’?

Something that doesn’t adversely impact on the environment is the simple answer. The problem is – that just about everything we do impacts on the environment, from breathing to driving, from eating to cleaning. So using less environmentally damaging chemicals, which can degrade without putting too much demand on the ecosystem will be a small but significant start.

Bio-Productions endeavour to use less harmful, less aggressive raw-materials in the cleaning and maintenance products we use, but we accept that occasionally only something aggressive will be required. Our answer to this is that the raw materials used should degrade quickly & easily, which is done in the drainage system, so it is also important that cleaning waste is never disposed of through a storm drain, only a sewer.dArt Tropical Islands vol.1 Screenshot

Rule one for us in developing any cleaning products is that it should perform (work). There is no point in producing more waste, so we need to satisfy our customers that because it is ‘green’ it isn’t necessarily wishy-washy and that they will need twice as much and that it will take twice as long. The next consideration is that it should be simple. We don’t believe our customers will want to stand on their heads or perform cartwheels so that the “special ingredients” can work. They invariably want to continue with their lives, but they’d also like to impact less on their environment, & it is simply the impact on the environment that our actions have, which is the ‘enviro’ consideration.

Therefore we believe that thought should be given to the selection of ‘chemicals’ when undertaking a task. It is also worth noting that, invariably, an aggressive chemical (which is quite likely to be harmful to the environment) could also damage the surface (or finish) of the item being cleaned. This ultimately enables soiling to enter the substrate, making it more difficult to clean next time. Obviously there are occasions when an aggressive chemical will be the only way of resolving a problem, such as killing germs, etc. Here, as with using any toxic substance thought must be given to the amount used, the dilution and the ultimate disposal.

So it’s simple. Something that works and is environmentally less harmful than the alternatives – otherwise why not use the alternative? As examples, we have addressed the more frequently asked questions(c) Text copyright Bio-Productions

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We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously

Biodegradeable Products

Biodegradable Products:
All of our products are 3rd party tested in compliance with GLP standards by Eurofins Product Safety Laboratories and are deemed biodegradable.
*BIODEGRADABLE - The ability of a material to be broken down into simpler compounds by microorganisms.*

Environmentally Preferable Products:
Krud Kutter Brand products are well-known for being Environmentally Preferable Products.

*ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE PRODUCTS - Products that have a lesser effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products.*

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Minimal Group/Secondary Packaging:
Over 95% of our products use absolutely no group/secondary packaging.
*GROUP PACKAGING/SECONDARY PACKAGING - P-O-P packaging that does not come in contact with the product and can be removed without affecting the product unit’s characteristics. A toothpaste tube’s carton and shipping case are examples.*

Use of Post-Industrial Material:
Whenever possible Krud Kutter captures waste material and uses it as Post-Industrial Material.
*POST-INDUSTRIAL MATERIAL - Material that’s generated by manufacturers, such as overruns or waste, and incorporated back into the manufacturing process.*

Use of Reclaimed Materials:
Drums are sent to Reclaimers to be washed and reused or sent back to the suppliers for refilling.
*RECLAIMED - A specialized process of cleaning and refurbishing a product for reuse.*

We Recycle:
All of our waste corrugate is sent off to be recycled.
*RECYCLED - A product that includes materials diverted from the solid-waste stream.*

*Source: Connecticut Department of Administrative Services     (c) Text copyright Krud Kutter

   As examples, we have addressed the more frequently asked questions.