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For over 65 years, the Deb Group has been establishing skin care regimes for all types of workplace and public environments, spanning industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors.

Deb comprises 21 companies operating in 16 countries, with Deb products sold in over 100 countries. They estimate that 40 million people use their products every day.

Drawing on deep technical expertise and extensive field sales support, Deb provides employers with innovative skin care programmes that maximise employee participation through carefully devised, reliable skin care systems, supported by quality products that are both pleasant-to-use and cost effective.

The Group’s values are expressed in the Deb Direction and core to their philosophy is that they can shape our environment, like what they do and bring ‘sizzle’ through exciting new products in the markets they operate. This philosophy is adopted by all their employees and is achieved through embracing ‘best practice’ throughout the organisation.

The Deb Direction:

  • We are the supplier of choice for organisations who value employee and customer wellbeing
  • We can shape our environment
  • We help strengthen customer health, safety and hygiene programmes
  • We bring innovative skincare products and services to customers regularly
  • We develop partnerships with international customers
  • We like what we do
  • We generate ‘sizzle’ in our marketplace
  • We stick to our plans and keep our promises
  • We embrace best practice



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